Big Stick

Group Size: Resources:
  • Individual
  • A variety of sticks (participants can find/ choose their own)
  • A marked out playing area

Game Play

Objective: For each person to find their stick and bring it back to the start.

  • Each person memorizes and learns their stick.
  • Then, collect them all and hide them within the playing area.
  • They can be just dispersed, laying on the ground or hidden amongst other sticks/ things.
  • Set each participant to find their stick.
    • This can be done individually or all at once.
    • You can time them to add a competitive edge.
Additions & Alternatives:
– The sticks can be any objects, as long as they aren’t too unique or will stand out. Participants should have to search to find their object.

– Have participants carve or mark their sticks to make them more personal and easier to identify so everyone gets their own.

– Especially if you are hiding objects that have special significance or meaning, you might join the group so they may hide you object and your searching with them.

Transfer of Learning

This game could be a continuing next step if the participants have previously made something special to them like a totem or carving. The game could be framed so that eventually they will help one another find their stick as they search for their own. This could be an important message about being able to raise each other up and help themselves.

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