Group Size: Resources:
  • Individual activity.
  • Something to draw/ create on (ground or paper).
  • Something to draw/ create with (pencil, sticks, dirt, leaves, etc.)
  • An abstract concept to illustrate.

Game Play

Objective: Create physical images of abstract things.

  • Make sure everyone has something to create their picture with.
  • Assign a topic or idea that they should illustrate.
    • Try to choose something that is hard to see like friendship, trust, loyalty, pride, love, jealousy, etc.
  • Once everyone has completed their picture, share with the group how you chose to represent the concept.
Additions & Alternatives:
– Challenge participants to not use any words and only draw what they mean.

– Collect everyone’s drawings and display them as part of a community contract.

– Assign participants different concepts, so each person illustrates how they visualize their concept.

Transfer of Learning

I enjoy this activity because it is a chance to visualize things that are often hard to show or represent. It is a great addition to any conversation about a group contract or discussion on social-emotional behavior. It is a good way to help practice those skills and mentally review different scenarios when they might be needed. The beauty of the activity is that it will work with any age and at any level of group development. Because the activity can be so discussion heavy, it may be useful to set aside time for an extended debrief.

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