Circuit Breaker

Group Size: Resources:
  • No limit
    • Easier to communicate in groups of 6 or smaller
  • Selection of objects to be the contact points (2-6)
  • Anything that can be used to connect two contact points together (coats, rope, sticks, tarps, shoes, etc.)

Game Play

Objective: Connect the contact points together.

Set up:

  • Create the “game board” with however many contact points as you want.
  • Either layout everything they may use to connect the contact points or let them gather the materials they think they will need.


  • Task the group to complete the circuit by connecting the contact points.
Additions & Alternatives:
– Assign specific points to be directly connected.

– Assign a “flow of electricity” that must match. Thus, certain contact points must be connected before others.

– Assign a type of connector that may be used. This could be specifically between two points or for the entire board. An example could be “The color orange must be continuous between the tree and the hiking pole.”

– Limit how the group may communicate or work. Only certain participants may touch the connectors or you cannot speak.

Transfer of Learning

This is another game that focuses on teamwork and communication skills. I anticipate the group having conflicting ideas about how to complete the task and how to best use the resources they collected or are given. This can be an energizer for completing a group puzzle or initiative about helping one another reach a common goal.

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