Find the Squash

Group Size: Resources:
  • Any size!
  • A large variety of items on hand
  • Something to keep track of characteristics listed (this could be your brain!)

Game Play

Objective: To create a your own squash.

  • Gather the group and talk about what makes a squash a squash.
  • Identify the key characteristics the constitute a squash.
    • ex: yellow, a hard outer shell, a stem, and soft, edible inside.
  • Then, ask the group what else fits one of more of these characteristics.
    • ex: a banana, a cooking pot, grass, and oatmeal.
  • Collect all the items that fulfill individual characteristics and build your squash!
Additions & Alternatives:
– This game would work for any common object.

– Split the group into teams and challenge them to use the fewest number of items.

Transfer of Learning

I believe a lot of different discussions can arise from this activity, centrally focusing on the idea of the essence of a squash. Another way to think about it is to describe “what it is to be” a squash. When designing this activity, I was thinking about the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” which is misquoted from Aristotle. This is an important concept when exploring the group identity and establishing your individual identity. The concept of self-worth and being more than your past is often an essential part of any therapeutic program and normal identity development. This game is also pretty silly and can be a funny energizer to bring a group together.

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